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Автор Тема: Research by German researchers for the topic SSH-2009-1.3.1. Public economy  (Прочетена 986 пъти)


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As a follow-up of our Munich symposium we are now preparing a proposal for the current call: SSH-2009-1.3.1. Public economic policy for growth. This activity involves a broad spectrum of research subjects which are to be covered. For this reason we are still looking for researchers in a couple of fields that might be interested in supporting such activities. This includes research on taxation. In terms of public intervention taxation policies that create incentives for innovation are essential. In a knowledge society this primarily relates to taxation policy concerning intellectual property and R&D investments. Accordingly, such policies shall create incentives for R&D investments and foster innovation. Also, government expenditures are to be addressed as a cornerstone of the research proposal. This includes the establishment of fiscal policies to create growth. Moreover, research shall seek to propose new designs for economic institutions and regulations would benefit from having researchers on law issues in the project.

Accordingly, more expertise in the field of taxation, governmental expenditures for growth and law would be of importance to cover the essential aspects of this topic. We would therefore like to ask you if you have contact the researchers in these fields that might be interested in such a project.

The project collaborators so far include:

- Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Intellectual Property  Management (standardization of IP valuation, interdisciplinary education)         
- CIP - Center for Intellectual Property Studies (interdisciplinary education, development of intellectualized infrastructures)
- University of Ljubljana (economics of IP, microeconomics)
- Zeppelin University (knowledge production)
- Imperial Collage (Indicators and measurements for the knowledge economy)

Please give a short reply concerning this to Carl Frey (STI-IPM, Munich,
We look very much forward to start our research collaboration.